Lee wins the night. A very strange thing happened....2 queen high straigh flushes back to back at the same table by 2 different people both holding the Q-10. Next week is Big Money/Position/Championship week all rolled into the final night, so bring an extra $15. Also, if you want to bring something to munch on, you can bring that. We are going to provide sloppy joe's. Should be a great shootout between the top 3 for the championship.


Fall Session's Winners
Week Winner
1 Spaz
2 Randy O
3 McAlpin
4 Kiel
5 Sink
6 Taylor
7 Big Randy
8 Jed
9 Studie
10 Eric M
Winter Session's Winners
Week Winner
1 Bill Y
2 McAlpin
3 Mike E
4 Spaz
5 Keil
6 Cates
7 Jed
8 Eric M.
9 Lee